Noris on Money Matters

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25-year old Kelvin Jayanoris and his 22-year old partner Jeanette Mawere Janette Wambere have designed Kenya’s first tablet, an 7-inch Android device that is already in the market. For just Sh17,000 (about US$170) the Noris Kaboo it is the cheapest tablet around but can it compete against big name brands like Apple, Samsung and Amazon?

We hope to one day compete with the giants mentioned above. But right now, we just want to bring you cool tech. at an affordable price. It’s been quite a wild and fun ride so far.

Thank you for the opportunity to appear on your show, Mr. Larry Madowo.


The NTV Effect

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We were just looking at the stats following our recent mention on NTV on the show Money Matters. Here are what the stats look like:

Noris Stats

Noris Stats

Before the week began, our daily visitors hovered around 14. Then this happened:

  1. Robert Alai of tech Mtaa wrote about us. This shot our visitors up to 480 as seen in the image above.
  2. After a day, we were lucky enough to have Larry Madowo pay us a visit and interview us for his show Money Matters. Our stats shot up to 917. A day after the appearance on NTV, we’re still getting loads of visitors as you can see in the image.

It looks like the “NTV effect” will last a while – we hope so!

Apart from website visitors, we’ve also gotten a whole lot of offline goodness – call, sales, and whatnot. Makes one wish to be on NTV daily!

Hello World!

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We read here that we should embrace social media. I think the first step is to get a blog, yes?

So, Hello world!

We’ll use this to keep in touch with you. Thank you for visiting.