The NTV Effect

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We were just looking at the stats following our recent mention on NTV on the show Money Matters. Here are what the stats look like:

Noris Stats

Noris Stats

Before the week began, our daily visitors hovered around 14. Then this happened:

  1. Robert Alai of tech Mtaa wrote about us. This shot our visitors up to 480 as seen in the image above.
  2. After a day, we were lucky enough to have Larry Madowo pay us a visit and interview us for his show Money Matters. Our stats shot up to 917. A day after the appearance on NTV, we’re still getting loads of visitors as you can see in the image.

It looks like the “NTV effect” will last a while – we hope so!

Apart from website visitors, we’ve also gotten a whole lot of offline goodness – call, sales, and whatnot. Makes one wish to be on NTV daily!


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